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Based on the success of the 6 rider team relay in 2018….

We invite teams of six to form up and race together over these two epic courses. Three riders take to the road and work together to produce the fastest time over the 62-mile course, before handing over to a second team of three that race the single track course to the finish This is teamwork at its best. There are no barriers to entry - any combination of riders, any gender and any age. This category is open to all-comers; small and large business’s, bike shops, sponsors, breweries, insurance companies, real estate agents, chicken whisperers, locksmiths, lumberjacks, waiters and waitresses, CEO’s, apprentices, black magic worshippers, forces veterans, clowns, cannabis farmers, federal employees … you get the drift …. Who knows, maybe your boss will pay the entry fee and give you some additional training time?

The most important factor here is teamwork. Build something, train together, eat and drink together, and throw down your best effort at the 2019 Best of Both - Super Six, Battle of Bend, and get your name onto the Super Six cup as the 2019 slayers of the most unique and challenging one-day endurance bike race in North America. The fastest combined time of all six riders over the entire course, takes the win, and the kudos.